Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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WE-ASC Education Congress invites applications for a short-term volunteer position.

Becoming a volunteer at Congress is a unique opportunity to network with people from many different professions, explore future possibilities and enrich your CV. You will gain new perspectives on many different topics along the way. Whatever your skills, we'd be happy to have you on board!

Possible volunteering tasks include:

Volunteering Opportunity 1:

  • Publicity and outreach for the Congress
  • Assistance with academic papers
  • Abstract book compilation
  • Psychology and Spirituality transcription, compilation, assistance with logistical errands and activities for publishing
  • Assisting Congress executives with various tasks from time to time

Possible Duration: July to January (in case of queries, you can contact us at

Timings are flexible.

Skills required: Ability to work under pressure, time management skills, transcribing abilities (etc designing abilities, copy-editing abilities).

Volunteering Opportunity 2:

  • For receiving the presenters at the airport and dropping them at the hotel or other accommodation venues.
  • For assistance at the registration counters/different halls.
  • Required details and adequate means will be provided to the volunteers.

Skills required: Pleasing personality. Good communication skills.

Preferred age: 18-27 years

Duration: Few days prior and after the Congress plus during the Conference.

Volunteering Opportunity 3:

At the Congress Venue:

  • Preconference activities,
  • Filling forms,
  • Preparing participant certificates,
  • Handling the Shruti foundation desk etc.

Duration: During the Congress.

Skills: Good Communication skills.

All volunteers will be provided with a Certificate of acknowledgement and transportation or other expenses directly incidental to the job will be reimbursed on presentation of bills.

Those who volunteer for the whole term and assist with the congress and other Shruti Foundation activities during this term would be available for all volunteer options, will get a special personal letter of recommendation from Lady Shruti Rana (convener) and a NGO volunteer certificate from Shruti Foundation as well.

Interested people can send in their CV to us at at the earliest, with Volunteer WE-ASC Congress in the subject line. Also include the following details in the mail:

Telephone Number or Mobile Phone
Why do you want to volunteer?
When you can volunteer (months)
How many hours (on an average) you can work per week
Languages known