Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Ms. Swapna Mishra


AVP, Capacity Building, Drishtee
Drishtee, VIII Floor, Tower-B, Knowledge Boulevard, P
lot-8A-A, Sector-62, NOIDA, INDIA

Training of Skills and Sustainable development

There is a net flight of capital moving away from the villages as the consumption exceeds local production. On the other hand, Fewer jobs and employment options lead to more migration from the rural areas. This makes the remaining local businesses (including service providers) become more unsustainable and shrink to nearest towns.

The solution for this situation, lies in focusing on rural livelihood creation but it needs to be backed step by step with service provisioning and Infrastructure development. Such a comprehensive solution is possible only if rural entrepreneurship is unshackled by providing the support of Credit, Capacity as well as Channel simultaneously.

Drishtee advocates focusing and catalyzing the growth of village entrepreneurship as one of the most sustainable livelihood options. By provisioning of such 'Capacity', there would be creation of “job creators” and not just job seekers. These job creators' not only provide employment but also produce more for the local markets and consumption.

Skills development training programs can be innovative enough to support these micro-enterprises to sustain in long term. Their capacity can eventually build a niche for themselves and make them compete for the semi-urban and urban markets, thus generating large scale local employments.

Appropriate Capacity brings a higher sustainability factor and thus increases Credibility and trust on the communities. Drishtee intends to create a bottom-up structure for providing sustainable Credit to provide stable financial support to these local entrepreneurs. And adding to the innovative approach, Drishtee's rural Distribution Channel, is all set to channelize the rural to rural and rural to urban supply and support the locally manufactured finished products.

It is the Skills Training based Capacity that brings in a sustainable change in the community dynamics automatically attracting support of credit and channel. The process has all the potential to make a 'chain reaction impact' on many generations of a large number of people.