Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Dr. Suvarna Nalapat

Retired Professor of Pathology J/79
Aiswarya Apartments 1st Main Road
East Annanagar , Chennai 600102 Tamil Nad

Integration of health through music therapy

Practical problems; Solutions for Clinical and Educative research; Curriculum development and Projects; Social empowerment and cost-effective healthcare; Job- oriented training of Healthcare Assistants as Music Therapists.


Why Integration? Why through Music Therapy?

A Personal Education Plan (PEP) in relation to a Practice Development plan (PDP) for integrating healthcare needed.

The need to know the use of other medical and healing practices prevalent in society, demonstrable by self -assessment (Reflective learning cycles) and small group learning within practices as work-based continuing Education

Evidence for effectiveness of other medical systems as Western medical norms suggest ?

The Welcome trust “Developing Research Capacity in Complementary Medicine Conference (10 March, 2000) documented the reasons for the popularity of CAM.

Approaches to NHS provision of complementary Medicine

Modifications suggested according to India’s needs
The popularity of complementary therapy is a code message for the demand for more acceptable and effective healthcare.

Music therapy


How it is used for integrating indigenous medical practices with research protocols of western Modern Medicine? What helps this integration at sound theoretical and practical basis?

Key issues addressed

Clinical Governance issues, regulations, training and quality assurance for an integrated medical institution.

Can Music Therapy be used in mainstream healthcare system?

Evidence for effectiveness, safety and side-effects, cost-effectiveness


Common standards, accredited training involving extensive field and hospital based projects and teamworks, courses at University level are defined.

Training Faculty members.

Regulation: The Medical Councils have some self-regulations which have become outmoded in present situation. The different organizations practicing different modalities of healing has to come under a common body of Integrated Medical practices in which all gets equal share of representation.
Other issues :-

What leads to Successful Integration?

Problems to be expected

Research methodology

Job opportunities