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Sefika Alibabic

Faculty of Philosophy
Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy
Cika Ljubina 18-20
11 000 Belgrade

Education of School Leaders – from their Educational Needs to Training Models

Lifelong learning and education is no longer just an idea, but an obvious need and actual practice in all societies and communities striving for development and prosperity. In such circumstances, the educational system has a difficult task - to be democratic, flexible and open to all age groups. The educational system in the modern changeable environment becomes a so called "educational market" in which numerous institutions and service providers offer a variety of programs and forms, both for children and youth, as well as for adults. The traditional management paradigm cannot be applied in the educational system that must constantly respond to the challenges of change. All this underlines the importance of managerial and leadership skills in the process of managing the educational system and the educational institution/school. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to indicate the necessity of proper education and continuous training of education policy leaders! and educational institutions managers.

The paper structure contains three parts. In the first part the educational system is presented as an "educational market" whose development cannot be encouraged by "directed" management patterns, but only management styles and models based on knowledge, abilities and skills - on leadership competencies. The second section contains the comparative analysis results interpretation of current educational programs offer for managers, and then the discussion about the findings of empirical research related to leadership participation in the forms and programs for developing leadership skills. In the third part strategies for continuous development of school leaders’ skills and training models based on research results (of their needs for knowledge and skills in the fields of management and leadership) are proposed.


Sefika Alibabić was born 1951. in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She got her PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade/Serbia.

Her university career began in 1977.  Now she is a professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade for the scientific field - adult education (andragogy). Her research areas of interest include: organization, system, models and forms of adult education; management, leadership and marketing in education; education and training of teachers and managers in education.