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Sadhudasa Anudasa

423 Ananda Krishna Van, Sunrakh Rd., Madhuvan Colony, Vrindavan UP. 280024


As far as ordinary education is concerned, people are being informed about so many departments: politics, sociology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, engineering, etc. There are so many departments of knowledge all over the world and many huge universities, but there is need of universities or educational institutions where the science of the spirit soul is instructed.

Intuitive education is a universal phenomenon and it exists in all forms of life, however education becomes formal only in the lives of humans. A kitten learns from mother on how to catch a rat and a bird hatchling learns from parents the art of flying and preying on insects. A tiger cub masters the art of hunting by watching the adults, and a tiger brought up in captivity will lack that finesse.

Unlike these species, human beings have a highly advanced system of education, spread over a network of schools, colleges and universities. There are world-class international universities and there are run down village schools. Therefore varieties of "formal" education exists in human society in sharp contrast with other species. Animals, birds, insects or reptiles never admit their wards in an educational institution. Life itself is their school, where they get firsthand training on how to live and survive in this world of harsh realities.

If we objectively see, education in human society, however sophisticated, is also geared towards the same end as that of animals. An average person goes through schooling and earns degrees just to grab a job or to start a business. Purpose is the same — how to make ends meet and how to survive in this world.

But that much is being learnt by animals also. What about the higher intelligence that humans are endowed with? Should it all go for discharging the basic functions of eating, sleeping, mating, and defending? Shouldn't it be that some portion of this advanced intellect is directed towards enquiry, or in other words, philosophical contemplation is what differentiates human beings from others. Therefore, purpose of education, at least in human society, should not be just information but transformation.


Graduated in Electro-mechanical Engineering. Drop out of the Universities of Architecture, Philosophy and Psychology from Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Founder-Trustee of the S.O.U.L - Trust of Charity — The Society Of Unalloyed Love - Trust Charity, (2010). West Bengal - India.

Founder-Trustee of the Vaishnava Book Trust, (1992), Uttar Pradesh - India. Created to distribute spiritual knowledge based in the Vedic Vaishnava Siddhanta, by the means available through modern developed technology; either in written, visual or sound reproduction.

Rector of the Soul Science UniversityTM(2010).Online open source education on mysteries of life, universe, and the science of self-realization.

Member-Trustee of The Bhakti Foundation, USA. Meant to establish, to set up, open, found, promote, takeover, conduct, hold, support, maintain, run, aid, assist, finance and/or help in setting up, maintaining and/or running schools, colleges, universities, institutes, other institutions for imparting education and/or advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge in art, science, commerce, industry, agriculture and other useful subjects and streams according to the standards of Vedic culture.

Author and publisher of literature on the Philosophy of Achintya-bedhabhedaor "Oneness in Diversity," also known as "Love & Trust."