Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Prof. Rida Blaik Hourani

 Dr.  Rida   Blaik Hourani   has graduated from the American University of Beirut with a  Bachelor degree in Sociology-Anthropology and earned her M.A. in Educational Foundation and Policy Studies, from the same university.

Her PhD is in Artistic and Creative Education from The University of Melbourne.

She has taught various education courses both at Abu Dhabi University and the Emirates College for Advanced Education, at the Post Graduate Diploma and Bachelor of Education levels. Se has written several research papers in the field of social studies and sociology of education.



The United Arab Emirates is in the process of developing its public schools through partnership with private schools. While there are models for parental involvement that have emerged in the Western world, few, have arisen in the context of the Arab world and none have emerged in the UAE.  The paper probes how Public Private Partnership primary schools in Abu Dhabi city involve parents in schools and how different school stakeholders (administrators, teachers, parents, social workers and students) perceive parental involvement limitations and constraints. The paper revolves around the socio-cultural, curricular changes that limit and constrain the learning process.The research is significant in terms of a) what constraints restrict parental involvement, b) perceived areas of improvement, c) suggesting recommendations that may contribute to improving parent involvement in schools and subsequently enhancing better learning at PPP schools. This  research is of an exploratory qu!
 alitative nature. The research  tools used  to collect  data for this paper included: semi-structured interviews (with stake holders) and document analysis of relevant school material. The sample  included a purposive targeted sample of 25 % of the PPP schools.