Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Pragati Oswal

Pragati Oswal is an “evidence based” Complementary and Alternative medicine practitioner with specialization in the fields of in Yogic sciences, Acupressure and Energy healing.

She is presently working with Shruti foundation on a wellness project with Narayan Hrudayalaya at Bangalore. Her research work, conducted under Rajyotsava awardee Orthopedic Surgeon Dr John ebnezar , on the acceleration of self healing process through meditation got published in the international Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (impact value -1.6).

She designs health and wellness oriented workshops/training sessions tailor-made to suit the needs of various groups. These groups include professionals with work related disorders, groups of people with lifestyle ailments such as back pain and similar musculoskeletal problems, high blood pressure, stress disorders or those seeking rejuvenation through non-pharmacological alternative systems of healing.

Apart from conducting workshops she has treated many patients through various aspects of Yoga, Acupressure, Sujok, independently and in combination, for alleviation, management and prevention of many maladies. She has worked at Sant Parmanand Hospital– Delhi (2004-2007) and Parimala Hospital  Bangalore (2008-2009). She has also been able to apply the principles of Yoga for treatment of physically and/or mentally challenged children at the Delhi Council for Childwelfare ( 2005-2007).