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Pooja Singhal

Ph.D Research Scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Pooja Singhal is pursuing  Ph.D from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. Her area of research is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. Her deep interest in school education and the love for teaching compelled her to take up such burning issue of Indian Education System.

She graduated in Political Science Hons. from Delhi University,  completed B.Ed and posses dual Master’s degree in Education (M.Ed) as well as in Public Administration. She qualified National Eligibility Test for Lectureship (NET) in 2011 & Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET) in 2012.

She attended a large number of Educational Seminar, Workshops and Conferences both at national as well as at international level. She also presented many papers covering both conceptual and research papers. One of her paper entitle “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation- A Study of Teachers’ Perception” secured Third position in the XIII International Seminar on Ethics, Morality and Spirituality. The paper was published in Delhi Business Review- An International Journal, Vol. 13. No.1.

She is Silver Medalist of  M.Ed (2011) and won the awards like ‘Best in Organizing Capabilities’ and ‘Best in Leadership Qualities’ of the same academic year. She holds a Diploma in Multimedia and a Certificate in Guidance.

As far as co-curricular activities are concerned, she is National Cadet Corps (NCC) B & C Certificate holder, participated in Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010 as an accreditation assistant, completed her basic mountaineering course form Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Uttrakhand. Represented Delhi in various competitions at University level and won many prizes and holds a certificate of proficiency in Cultural Activity at National level.

‘An Initiative Towards Stress Free Education-Indian Perspective’


Education is the process of bringing about the desirable changes in the learner. It is a complex concept that refers to both the process and product. Education as a product is viewed as the sum total of what is received through the learning, skills, attitudes, values, transmission of culture, development of personality and liberation of self actualization. This process involves teaching, training, instruction and development of cognitive processes and abilities. The education techniques employed must help us to measure the performances and abilities of students in the academic as well as non-academic fields. The paper reflects the deficiencies of our traditional examination system which gave due emphasizes on rote learning and memorization. The examination system focused on the scholastic aspects of the learner and completely neglected the co-scholastic areas which are equally important for their all round development. The paper further highlighted the drawbacks of examinations that contributed in the increasing stress among the students. This paper pointed out the need of introducing Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation at school level. Further the paper attempts to justify the implementation of such scheme as an initiative towards stress free education.

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