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Mr. Peter Rimmer

The Napo Consortium
290 Wigan Road, Standish, Wigan ,Lancs
WN6 0AD, United Kingdom

Safety with a smile

Napo is a series of animated films produced in computer graphics featuring characters in the world of work. Napo and his partners express themselves in a wordless language designed to work across cultural and linguistic boundaries to raise awareness and influence behaviour leading to safer and healthier workplaces.

Napo is the hero of the cartoon series. He is symbolic of an employee working in any industry or sector; a normal person - neither good nor bad, neither young nor old. In this respect, his culture is neutral.

He is a likeable and attractive character with strong reactions and emotions. When Napo is annoyed, bored or in love - it shows! As such, everyone can identify with Napo, from young employees to someone who has worked in the company for many years.
The stories have an educational value. They provoke questions and stimulate debate; sometimes they provide practical solutions or lead to them.

It is this blend of education, cultural neutrality and humour set in a cartoon style that gives the Napo series its identity. Each scene is independent of the others and can be used as one film, or individually scene-by-scene.

The role of Napo and his friends is to provide an appetiser to OSH through their engaging characters, amusing story lines, and their humorous and light-hearted approach. ‘Safety with a smile’ is Napo’s contribution to safer, healthier and better workplaces.

Napo is an original idea conceived by a small group of European safety and health (OSH) communications professionals. Each film is co-produced by six European Institutions and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in Bilbao, Spain, and produced by Via Storia in Strasbourg, France.


A freelance writer, photographer and communications consultant who worked for 16 years as Director of Communications with the UK Health & Safety Executive.
Peter coordinates the Napo series of animated films. He worked at the European Agency in Bilbao, Spain as campaign manager for three years, and chairs the International Film Festival Jury of the ISSA/ILO World Congress.