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Pawan Agarwal

As a Civil Servant

Pawan Agarwal is a civil servant from India. He is currently Adviser (Education), Planning Commission. He has earlier served as Director in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, as well as Financial Advisor and Coordinator of new initiatives of the University Grants Commission—a position in which he developed substantial expertise in higher education policy and practice, and gained a broad understanding of the issues and challenges faced by India’s universities and colleges. He has also held important positions in the West Bengal Government as Principal Secretary, Cooperation Department, Secretary, Science and Technology and Municipal Affairs Departments.

As a Fulbright New Century Scholar

During the year 2005–06, he was a Fulbright New Century Scholar on higher education from India. During this period, based inside a Delhi-based think tank, the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, he published a working paper. This was rated among the top recent single country reports and widely circulated and well received both in India and abroad. As a Fulbrighter, he was a visiting scholar under the Science and Engineering Workforce Program at the Harvard University and at the India–China–America Institute at the Emory University in the US.

In November-December, 2009, he was visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Melbourne on the prestigious 2009 Endeavor Executive Award from the Australian Government.

Research Interests

His other important studies / publications cover private higher education for Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, higher education and labor markets for the World Bank. Indian higher education from Latin American perspective for Inter-American Development Bank,privatization and internationalization trends in South Asian countries for South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutions. Apart from his career as a civil servant, he continues to pursue his interest in higher education. His current focus is on higher education governance and regulation at the national, sub-national levels, changing dynamics of higher education and labor markets, private higher education, global student mobility, and use of technology in education. His recent research interest has been on curriculum and pedagogic issues.