Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Patricia Kirby and Gayatri Neena Nambiar

Patricia Kirby and Gayatri Neena Nambiar

Both presenters have extensive background in “Education for Life” (EFL) and have trained educators and parents in its application.

Patricia Kirby has taught in the social sciences at the college level in the USA for many years prior to discovering EFL, which she considered of such importance that she wrote in depth on its historical background and comparison to other educational systems. She has also published and conducted training in the area of learning style, engaged in corporate and academic instructional design, and carried out educational programme evaluation. She holds a doctorate in education.

Gayatri Neena Nambiar has extensive international teaching experience in India, Italy, England, and the USA, applying her training in the pedagogical methodologies of Montessori, Waldorf, and Krishnamurti Scientific Inquiry in addition to EFL. She is also a certified master trainer and researcher in early childhood education, and completed all required coursework toward a master’s degree in education. She was once honoured by the Scholastic Foundation as one of India’s best teachers.

Education for Life

Education for Life (EFL), a holistic and experiential educational philosophy and practice, has won accolades for its ability to foster in children both joy and success in learning — as well as ability to meet life's challenges — throughout their journey across the developmental stages of maturity.

EFL has been implemented for over 30 years by teachers, students, and parents, mainly in the USA but also Italy and now India when Kriyanandaji's spiritual community came in late 2003. During a visit between Indian ex-President Kalam and EFL's originator Swami Kriyananda five years ago, the former president strongly encouraged EFL in India's schools because of the potential he saw in it to address today's needs of the country's schooling.

Rooted in the insights of India's own Paramhansa Yogananda, a successful childhood educator in India even before leaving for the West and winning international fame as a great yoga master, EFL was creatively developed by Swami Kriyananda — his direct American disciple — in such a way that values are "caught, not taught" by children from all faith backgrounds (or none). EFL children consistently top out in test scoring even though taught in a flexible and individualised approach. When they leave EFL schools, they excel in leadership and ability to "think outside the box".

EFL is equally beneficial for all adults connected with children: parents, to apply within their families, and teachers, to use within the classroom.

Our session will give you a quick glimpse of some of EFL's main features and methodology. Using audiovisuals and testimonials, we will show you how EFL works to meet children where they are. You will leave with several useful EFL tips you can take away and apply. For further details about EFL as well as resources, we invite you to drop by our booth and chat.