Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Ms. Nellya Jamankulova

Almaty Power Energy University, RK, Almaty,
126 A.Baitursynov str., office A-229
Republic of Kazakhstan

ICT using in adult education

Today we are living in an era of new information and communication technologies (ICT). In this article we discuss the importance of ICT usage in adult education, the economic importance of ICT skills, the potential of ICT to widen access to learning and transform the quality of teaching and learning.

Adult in learning process can be described as a person who is socially accepted as an adult taking part in the formal or informal learning process. ICT provide the adult learners with an access to a large spectrum of learning resources. And it is important for countries with a priority of learning policies for adult learners with low skills and qualifications.

In our article we consider problems of possibility to increase adults’ access to ICT and learning and to acquire ICT skills. Today, the use of ICT is currently very high on the political agendas of almost all the European Union. Many countries have recently begun a number of initiatives and programs to introduce new policies. So, the implications ICT in adult education need to be looked at by governments.