Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Dr. Nadia Lavoie



Professeure en didactique des arts
Faculté d'éducation , Université d'Ottawa
145, rue Jean-Jacques Lussier , Ottawa, Ontario , CANADA
K1N 5N6

Prospective Immigrants Teachers: motivation, interest and sense of
competency to teach French Ontarian art pedagogy in future practices

A culture heritage is brought to memory through the art product of a nation. In this way, art is frequently associate a culture carrier in a formal education context (Dalley, 2004). Aware of this fact, the Ontarian ministry of Education has integrated arts in its elementary school curriculum since the last 3 decades (MEO, n.d.) In the case of the French Ontarian art elementary level, the art program aims to provide students with a sense of belonging to a community and a culture that reveals history, personal and collective values in a context of linguistic minority (MEO, 2009).

In order to satisfy the art program requirements, either a generalist or a specialist is mandated to teach arts at the elementary level. During its 8 months qualification program, the University of Ottawa offers a mandatory art class (drama, visual art, music and dance)- totalizing 39 hours. Our study aims to examine to what extend newly trained immigrant prospective teachers (n=150), versus newly trained native Ontarian prospective teachers (n=100) are susceptible, in terms of motivation and interest, to integrate French Ontarian art pedagogy in their future practices. The study also underlines the sense of competency that plays a major asset in the artistic transmission of knowledge (Jaccard, 2009), especially in a context of prospective immigrant teachers who for most of the part have not experienced arts during their formal education.