Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Shruti Nada Poddar


Shruti’s inspiration and vision of is reflected in the persity of her pioneering work in various walks of life. She is internationally known as an educationist and musician, an acclaimed wellness expert and a leading practitioner of traditional knowledge systems.

A key figure positioned at the forefront of educational research and dissemination, with a background in Mathematics as well as Indian Music, Shruti works with practitioners, institutions and weaker sections of society to establish holistic paradigms for education, faculty training, skills training and curriculum development with special attention to indigenous knowledge systems.

As a young girl Shruti would spend much of her time experimenting with music and nature alone. In 1992, her life was transformed when she accidently discovered the instant healing power of sound after a surgery. This led to many experiments on the effects of Beejaakshara (seed sounds) on human energetics and scientific studies. She is now the pioneer of the vibrational healing ecosystems called Nada Vibronics. Her healing methods and music are now used for curing various health conditions. In recognition of her contribution to the realm of healing music Shruti was awarded the Delhi Ratna Govt. of India Award in 2002.

Founder of Shruti Foundation in India, Shruti is committed to championing the causes of education, wellness, women, cultural connectivity and human rights. The foundation is involved with empowerment of women and youth from disadvantaged groups. She is the pioneer of the WE-ASC World “Education Culture” movement involving 40 countries, for revisting the “culture of education” and “culture in education”. The Foundation’s journal, SUTRA-the thread promotes academic scholarship on traditional knowledge systems, education, wellness and consciousness studies. It also facilitates international student exchange programs through its Bachpan Bonding Project. The Shruti Foundation International Lecture Series facilitates global awareness of Indian knowledge and culture.

Shruti was the first International Chairperson of GOPIO International Women’s Council of GOPIO, a diaspora body for people of Indian origin. She is now the Global President of the upcoming “SHE” (Saluting Her Endeavour), a Global initiative by Women of South Asia and their Diaspora for find solutions for a holistic, peaceful, educated and empowered South Asian Region and through their Women, solutions for a better world.

In Northern Ireland, Shruti is Patron of the Inter Faith Forum; founder of an inter-cultural and interfaith choir called The Nada Choir, also Secretary of the Indian Community Centre and Live Music Now. She is Honorary Visiting Research Fellow to the School of History and Anthropology at Queens University Belfast, and has given cultural, educational and spiritual talks and workshops there, while also engaging in participatory research in medical anthropology and ethnomusicology.

She lives in Belfast, UK and Delhi, India and is a mother of daughters and a grandson in India | | |