Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Koneva Svetlana

Kazakh Nationality Pedagogical University
Dostyk 13, Almaty

Computer graphics as means of formation of graphic culture

For the present moment of development of a society and information technologies practically each modern person collides with means computer schedules in a daily life:

- Work with means of input/conclusion of the graphic information, such as the scanner, the printer, дигитайзер;
- Creation ready graphic and video of images by means of digital cameras, digital videocameras, cellular telephones;
- Processing ready images in various software, such as Adobe PhotoShop, ACDSee, etc.

Therefore to study elements computer schedules it is necessary for all people irrespective of a speciality. Accordingly it is necessary to form graphic culture at each person. In narrow sense we understand skill as graphic culture to process, transfer, create graphic objects by means of means. The concept graphic culture is wider, than we understand it, since it also skill to draw, build and read graphic drawings, etc.

Thus, to possess graphic culture in full sense - means, to own graphic culture, skills of the decision of problems on a theme, receptions of management by raster and vector objects, working methods in raster and vector editors, technics of imposition of a printed matter in desktop publishing system, skills of development of animation, skills of programming of graphic objects and many other things.

Forming graphic culture of the student, we develop information culture and polyculture, in general.