Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Ms. Kay Kok Chung Oi

Durham University, UK
No. 4, Victoria Court, Framwellgate Moor, DH15BY, Durham, UK.

Development of “Extended Logic ” and “Self-Confidence” through arts education: A lack and a need for Singapore Creative Economy

Natural resources are non-existent in Singapore and it becomes the main aim for the government to focus on the development of a national manpower in the area of commerce, science and technology. This is thought necessary to survive economically by acquiring a robust and competent workforce to support foreign investors from multi-national corporations to invest in Singapore in order to stimulate the national economy.

Nevertheless, for Singapore to remain economically competitive, it remains a continuous challenge due to the recent phenomenon that for a nation to remain competitive, it needs to develop a creative workforce. In this respect, creative workforce does not equate to arts and design, instead creative workforce represents manpower who possesses the qualities in regards to imagination, inventiveness, resourcefulness and productivity. These qualities relate to the understanding of “Extended Logic”(footnote 1)and “Self-Confidence. Singapore policy makers(footnote 2), arts scholars, artist and academia feel the urgency to revisit the delivery of education and consider the necessity to promote arts education especially to learn more on art history to develop creative qualities for future creative workforce. On the other hand, students are taught to develop skills in terms of thinking, creativity, exploratory work, innovation, conceptual thinking, teamwork, sense of awareness, o! bservation and perception by art teachers and they feel that these skills are being marginalised because many people have underestimated art learning in school.

In view of the above, my paper discusses the differing rationales to promote arts education based on my present research findings through qualitative interviews with Singapore policy makers , prominent arts scholars, artist and academia art teachers and argues that art learning is able to develop “Extended Logic” and “Self-confidence” .

1) "Extended Logic" means the capability to rationalise beyond the support of existing data or evidences. This means that one is able to use one’s imagination or intuition for reasoning and explaining
2) Policy makers refer to permanent secretaries from Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Information and Communications of the Arts (MICA)


Kay Kok Chung Oi graduated with a Master of Arts in Art Education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Kay is currently a postgraduate researcher at Durham University, UK. Kay’s current doctorate research is to seek the rationale for arts education, in specific visual arts in Singapore. Kay is also a visual artist and her artistic language is expressed through history and culture