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Prof. Juana Maganto Mateo

University of the Basque Country. Spain
Avda. De Tolosa, 80, 20018 – San Sebastian – Spain

Are the adolescent and young persons ready to face up to the
challenge of conciliate personal, familiar and working life?

We hereby present the results of a research project regarding the training needs and demands perceived by young people and teenagers as the necessary elements in the reconciliation of work and family responsibilities. Young people’s and teenagers’ perceptions, ideas and beliefs about the joint responsibilities of work and family will be analysed as the key to reconciling work and family life.

This research will pay special attention to the following aspects:

• Analysis of the processes of distribution and consensus in work and family life.
• Research into the need to extend specific strategies such as motivation, communication or resolution of conflicts in daily life
• Analysis of the importance of development of positive emotions as a basis and a support for relationships.
• Rating of men’s responsibility and commitment.
• Evaluation of the need for a new conception of effective time-management


• Develop a successful view to connect joint responsibility and reconciliation with a better personal, family and social quality of life
• Have strategies and abilities to motivate, communicate, face and solve conflicts to project a work life that can be reconciled with coexisting with others, be it within adult relationships or in a future family life.
• Extend development of positive emotions, decreasing negative emotions, enhancing resilience and emotional well-being as a base for personal, family and work development to promote equality among women and men.
• Promote men’s responsibility and commitment in family responsibilities, adopting an active role in the domestic and family sphere to achieve equality among women and men.


N = 944. Young people and teenagers from 16 to 20 years of age from different social, cultural and economic status and both sexes.

Procedure for information collection

• Workshops and di scussion groups
• Specific questionnaires


Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy and in Psychology. PhD in Pedagogy. Tenured Professor at the department of Research and Diagnostic Methods, School of Educational Sciences (F.I.C.E.), University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain. She is a lecturer for B.A. students in Psycho pedagogy and Pedagogy, as well as for those students preparing a Graduate Degree in Social Education; she teaches Diagnosis in Education, Diagnosis and Family-School Cooperation, and Family Evaluation. She has written and contributed to various books and papers in academic journals, based on her research work in the field of Diagnosis in Education and Family Guidance. She has contributed to scientific Courses, Meetings and Congresses within the fields of Education and Psychology. She is also a cooperator with a series of institutions and schools in relation to parents’ training programs and family-school-community collaboration programs. Her most recent research focuses on the theoretical and practical analysis of the co responsibility of family members in family work. She is currently working in the dissemination of a training program for parents, aiming at the development of co responsibility within the family.