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Prof. Jean-Emile Charlier

Facultés universitaires catholiques de Mons (FUCaM)-
151, chaussée de Binche - 7000 Mons

Quality Assurance. What Criteria in Modern Higher Education?

This communication concerns the forms and systems of evaluation and accreditation. Its objective is to treat the impact of the Bologna process, engaged in Europe since 1999, on the systems of quality assurance and accreditation in Europe, and the effects of the new Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (2005) on the higher education systems from other Word regions.

The communication shows that universal mobility’s conditions of the students in higher education are still very far from being gathered. Great exchanges agreements exist only inside the richest world regions and, in a leaser measure, between these regions. The mobility of the students from the poorest countries is always organized by rules promulgated by the richest ones. Some are allowed in the rich countries’ universities because they are able to pay the tuition fees amounts which are asked them. Others are allowed in these universities according to the policies defined by the richest countries.

In every case, the admission of the Southern students in a Northern university is possible only if the quality of the initial training is recognized by the host country. The progressive universalization of the evaluation process and of the guarantee quality systems is made by giving a paramount importance to the richest countries’ criteria. The most valued competences are the ones that the occidental Western laboratories are looking for. The alternative epistemologies don’t find any place in the universal definition of the « good » knowledge, of the « good » research and of the « good » teaching. By imposing their criteria on the world, Western universities make it a reservoir from which they can draw the intellectual resources they need.


Jean-Emile Charlier is Professor of sociology at the Catholic University of Mons (FUCaM) and Dean of the department of political, social and communication sciences. He holds a PhD in sociology (1988, Louvain University). He pursues his research on the study of higher education reforms, on the impact of the Bologna process in Europe and its effects on higher education systems all over the Word (especially in Africa).oc