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Mrs. Jayanti Ranganathan Chavan

Institute of Science and Religion
H-705, 7th Floor, SPLENDOR,
Plot no.56, Sector-20, Navi Mumbai-410210, Maharashtra

Spirituality in Education – A Vedantic Perspective

For several centuries the education system in India was based on balancing scientific temper and spiritual wisdom. Human values were nurtured in schools as well as at homes right from childhood. The confluence of several eastern traditions in the Indian soil was one of the beacons to impart value education. Among these, primarily the spiritual wisdom based on Vedanta provided direction for every action based on preyas(immediate beneficial) and sreyas(ultimate beneficial) and a deeper understanding of life.

Today it is painful to see school children and students, under the influence of contextual ranks and recognition, are facing shallow challenges and chasing stressful targets, affecting their psycho-physical nature badly. The means within education which is facilitating the above are failing to deliberate on the real purpose of education, which is basically to enlighten about meaningful living. Excellent Infrastructures in the guise of computer and internet training are driving young students and children towards unethical culture. Our life’s growth finds no expression in innovative pedagogy of revised educational curriculum. Parents too are not reflective about the purpose behind sending their children to schools.

Gen X especially in 20’s and 30’s even after receiving top education are becoming victim of quarter life crisis. They are in a hurry to achieve the happiness quotient based on money, comfort and luxury. But unfortunately they have also developed adjustment disorder leading to insecurity and frustration with life because they are immature to handle the pressure that comes with money in the increasingly competitive world.

The time has come, to pause and re-think if modern Indian education can draw some insights from Vedic wisdom, and seek guidelines to counsel students on meaningful living and thereby lessen psychological disorders among youth which is becoming rampant in our society. This paper explores some of the possibilities in this direction.


Mrs. Jayanti Ranganathan Chavan is founder President of Institute of Science and Religion which was set up at Navi Mumbai in 2005.

She is also a spiritual counselor. For a decade she delivered lectures/seminars in India/abroad based on Vedic wisdom. She has few publications/papers to her credit. Formerly, she served in academics for seven years.

She graduated her BSc.(honors) in Mathematics in 1981 from Mumbai University. Later, she completed MCA from DOEAAC and MA(Philosophy and Religion) from Madurai Kamraj University.