Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Ravi Gangadharaiah Nayaka

Doctoral Student,
Institute of Development Studies,
Leela Vihar, Manasagangothri,
University of Mysore,
Mysore-570006, India

Higher Education and Social Responsibility of Ecucated Manpower in India

In our country Higher Education systems play a pivotal role in generating educated manpower. The role of educated manpower is very crucial in taking up the social responsibility of our nation, as most of the educated manpower exile to developed nations resulting in brain drain. Education is a social responsibility cause and effect. It is good augury especially in the sense that basic and primary education and their pillars must be strong if the edifice is to be built. Secondary and higher education can gain a firm foothold. Para education that is education for street children, children of affected by calamities such as floods is arousing a strong world consciousness. The common school system, neighborhood schools and community colleges are other awakening factors in! the world of education, which again is connected to the world of work, and the industry education interface and alliance.

Flexible learning is the key to learning today, when contextualized in a world of changing learning needs and teaching paradigms. The fact that education has become an industry also necessitates that learning is more flexible, hence it is the responsibility of the educated community to educate the uneducated community of our Nation. Presently parents and Government of India support educated manpower to complete their higher education, further the educated manpower exiles to developed regions to serve their potential life due to lack of absorbing their manpower by our social system, hence this is resulting in brain drain which needs to be checkmated. This paper examines the pros and corns to checkmate brain drain.


Ravi Gangadhar is Presently pursuing Doctoral Studies at Institute of Developmental Studies in the area of Human settlements and development Studies, his topic of  research is “ Developing a Clean development Mechanism for Sustainable Rural Development- A study of Tumkur District”

Also he is Director at Ekalavya Multiversity ( ).