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Feedback from Participants of WE ASC Congress 2011

1. Portugal – Fernando Serra, Lisbon

I feel that I was in my own “waters” with people that spoke my own language and shared my own educational purpose and global ethics.

2. Isarel: Prof Yaacov Katz

Dear Lady Shruti,

It was both a priviledge and a pleasure to participate in the recent WE ASC Congress on World Education in New Delhi. After returning home and reviewing the deliberations that took place at the congress, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for organising a congress that dealt with core issues in education that affect most educational systems in the world.

As an experienced university professor as well as former Chief Pedagogic Officer at the Israeli Ministry of Education, I can testify that the deliberations at the congress struck at the heart of the most pressing problems that affect not only the Israeli educational system but, as I learnt, of India as well. Integrated inter-disciplinary instruction and learning of subject matter coupled with societal values, the need for a core curriculum as well as educational standards and accountability of educational personnel at all levels in the educational system are issues that need to be urgently addressed as so clearly came out in the different presentations made at the congress. In addition to bridge and narrow the educational and other gaps in Indian (and Israeli society) is yet another common major issue dealt with at the congress.

I would like to offer my services and experience to continue working together with you and your team in order to realise the important resolutions and suggestions made at the congress for the good of education in India, Israel and elsewhere.

I look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with you on matters of common need and interest and thank you for your consideration. Once again I thank you for organising such a stimulating and thought provoking conference on the issues so close to my heart.

3. Canada: Prof Arvind Sharma, McGill University

It was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the conference.

4. U.S.A.- Ken Neubaner

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress-

It was a real learning experience. It was fascinating to see what is somewhat unique to a country or region and what is global.

Unforgettable experiences

Getting a global viewpoint if education problems and success.

It was a very good idea of recording the main points of each session, combining them and then narrowing down to a workable on the point that can their be presented to organizations/governments, etc.

5. Latvia- Tatjana Koke

Thank you very much for an inspiring conference and efforts you did to feel us comfortable.

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Marvelous! Thrilling intellectual cultural and emotional environment with high expertise in different merging fields.

Unforgettable experiences

Meeting knowledge and empathetic people from different countries, acquaintance with india’s culture, traditions and extreme care for India, Local, etc.

Involvement with the activities of Shruti Foundation in the future?

We are prepared to offer our expertise on evaluation and accreditation in higher education on international scale and lifelong learning context. Innovative pedagogy on developing entrepreneurial attitudes of student. 

6. Argentina: Carlos Salvador Palleres

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress-

Great Abilities in the learning and understanding process presented in the congress

Unforgettable experiences- Learning together in education and beautiful relationships, personal realizations.

Please continuing doing this important service to the humanity.

7. India - Dr. Krishna Kant Jha

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

It was a very good experience, having attended the first world education congress of this kind. The parallel sessions aimed at distilling 3 key messages to be reported back at the whole group plenary session was a unique and commendable idea that should be followed by other conferences too.

Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

I will never forget that this was a sincere effort by the organizers for uniformity in education systems across the world in the interest of natural justice for all. Hospitality and good management is also equally unforgettable. Recording of the event is also good to be remembered.

8. Indian - Cdr. M. Srinivas Rao

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Very productive

Presentation by Dr Moltz on concepts like Bilingual teaching and partial qualification are pragmatic along with Mr. Peter Rimmer’s “Napo”-using cartoon films as educational tools.

What were the unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

  • Perspectives on Traditional Knowledge Systems
  • Scope to explore our ancient sciences and their connectivity with modern science and technology as well as arts and humanities.
  • I am delighted to witness people who are concerned for and working towards rejuvenating the education system, increasing its access.

9. India: Priyanka Sharma / Alka Sesha

It was great, considering first time this kind of a conference has been organized. A good platform has been created for the like minded people who are working on similar yet diff. Programmes. It was great to see how differently people are improving education. Different methodologies, different concepts.

Unforgettable experiences:

  1. When there was a discussion on how today’s education system needs to focus on developing inner self and then move towards outside it. It feel nice let of people feeling the same thing. As on organization we had always advocated yes dew. The self and then move towards social and community development.

  2. Ministers address was nice. It was good to hear his thoughts on the need you developing a holistic education content. 

10. U.S.A- Mary Neubarer, Arizona

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress-

  1. I knew it was very important to attend part of a personal desire to at global understand globally as well as locally.
  2. I like the exposure to Indian culture & Art.
  3. It was a much different, more open context than the usual academic conference.

Unforgettable experiences-

  1. The diversity and global range of the attendees.
  2. That this is a conference that will actually lead to political and social change of consequence.
  3. Exposure to core issues in education in India.

11. Indian - E. Prasad Rao, Karimnagar, AP

How would you describe your over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Highly beneficial at the personal professional level. As a chairing us, it gives me time & space to start interchanging some of the things like inter-discipline in my schools

Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

It is very difficult to sing out but the purpose due objectives are crystal clear and the post tea session in the morning of 14th is highly participant and interactive. Lord Parekh, Dr. Karan Singh and Shruti are very impressive in their presentation.

12. Portugal - Prof. Claudia Vaz

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress -

An excellent experience. I had the opportunity of talking, listening and apprehending different experiences and different ways of looking to culture and education as I am European. Many thanks. I heard with really an open mind. 

Unforgettable experiences -

  1. The diversity of items
  2. The people involved
  3. The real wish of doing something for education in the world.

13. Australia - Joseph Jordania

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress -

It was very refreshing, with a lots of new ideas and will to change educational system. I loved the passion to change.

Unforgettable experiences -

Difficult to ensure, as there were many unforgettable experiences: meeting new people, hearing some very good replies. For me chanting session was wonderful and of course, concerts were amazing, and I loved the hospitality.

14. Kazakhistan - Nellya Samankulova

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Excellent organization.

What were the unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

A lot of questions were interesting. We have had experience of education problems of different countries with different cultures.

15. Indian - Dr Tejinder Walia

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Interesting! It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses.

Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

One felt touched by the earnestness of some participants.

Lady Rana brought a sense of goodness with her.

16. UK - Stan Giles

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?


Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

Connecting with great souls

Feeling –at last! We are able to move forward on education

17. UK - Peter Rimmer  

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Rewarding and stimulating. Thought provoking.

What were the unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

Meeting interesting people from all corners of the world; sharing a common purpose and common ideas

Learning about how education works in other countries, how cultural influences are strong and why.

18. India - Dr. Suvarna Nalapat

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

We enjoyed the social interaction. The academic interaction was a bit constrained owing to the time limit. Yet, the organizers were able to carry a positive message of cooperation and team spirit to be continued in coming years for onward movement of the nation.

What were the unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

The words of HRD minister Kapil Sibal, especially regarding the introduction of value system into the existing system; integrating arts; allowing for a child-centered education- so that the child is free to choose; creating a ‘model’-guru-and not a degree/rank based education; and the contribution of each citizen for the ongoing development of society/nation-and whatever his vocation maybe –it is as good as the other are the precise messages I have given in my paper. I hope their words will be implemented.

Meaningful dialogues for improving society in a democratic way, without making agitation/foul language necessary for communication was commendable.     

19. India - Dr Asha Lata Pandey

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Holistic and wholesome

Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

One of my former students (Ms. Apoorva) came running to me, touched my feet and hugged me. I was pleasantly surprised, felt very happy and proud seeing her as a participant in WE-ASC congress.

20. India - Dr. Sunny Sandhu

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Great, missing out many parallel lectures.

unforgettable experiences-

Meeting hope minded souls of expanding my knowledge base.

21. India - Dr. Anuradha Choudry

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

Very greatful to shruti di for all the opportunity to share.

Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

To meet and listen to people from so many countries.

22. Indian - Ravi Gangadharaiah Nayaka

Over-all experience of the WE-ASC Congress?

It was wonderful and the event was the need of the hour.

Unforgettable experiences for you during the WE-ASC Congress?

Interaction with wonderful personalities