Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Dorathea Thompson

211 Front Street #3
New York, NY 10038

Children of Bali

In the winter of 2009 I visited Bali for one month and was struck by the unique composition of rituals, customs, history and culture that informs the Balinese psyche.

I was particularly drawn to the spontaneous joy, warmth and openness of the Balinese children. That visit resulted in a collection of over 60 children photographs and an essay entitled:

A Reflection on Happiness

The essay is pieced together from my personal work as a licensed Integrative Psychoanalyst in New York City with particular interest in Yoga, Buddhism and Eastern Spiritual Philosophies. The essay is also informed by a history of world travels and a belief that the Arts can hold the key backs to our deepest Knowing.

The Essay suggests that the development of an integrated Self with such positive qualities as:

Peace & Contentment
Expression & Aliveness
Ease & Connectedness
Wisdom & Depth

Are fostered within a milieu where the cultural, social, spiritual and psychological soil is adequately fertile.

The essay further suggests that the aforementioned desirable personal qualities, which appear prevalent in Balinese children, are directly influenced by several major components:

Integrative Connectedness to:
Interpersonal Mystery
Art, Myth & Ritual
As a normal expression of the daily fiber of life
Ethics, Morality & an Enlightened World View

I will share photographs and excerpts from the essay to convey and elaborate on these themes and hold out the possibility that this culture holds a signpost to a more enlightened multi-dimensional environment that foster a positive development of its children.


Dorathea Thompson is a Licensed Psychoanalyst in private practice in NYC who fuses the best of Western and Eastern wisdom in her work. She employees a broad spectrum of therapeutic modalities from classical analysis to alternative methods. She is a seasoned Yoga, Zen and Tibetan Buddhist practioner and a graduate of the Asian Classic Institute; a curriculum modeled after the Tibetan Buddhist monastic Geshe Degree of the Gelukpa lineage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Ms. Thompson possesses a unique and broad intellectual foundation and expansive work experience. She is well equipped in assisting others through relationship, transitional, emotional, mental and physical issues as well as infusing life with greater meaning and vitality. She has been described as having the ability to guide others through the challenges of life with laser keen effectiveness, grace and practicality.

Dorathea is the author of the CD entitled; The Alchemy of Awareness and a contributing author to the book; The Divine Power of Edge.

In a Personal Statement Dorathea said; “I hold a strong conviction that the violence, challenges and ills of our world and this delicate planet can only be ultimately addressed through a process of personal healing; each person contributing to the whole. The healing of the collective demands the healing of the individual. Outer peace, beauty and well-being can not be experienced without first connecting with these qualities deep within ourselves. It is towards that end that I wish to dedicate the rest of my life in being of service to others in facilitating this healing process. I wish to share my wisdom and gifts not only in the consulting room but also to connect with others through Writing, Ritual and Art. For me it is truly a joy, a gift and a privilege to assist and bear witness to the miracle of transformation. I dedicate any personal merit garnered through my efforts, to the healing of every living being and to the healing of our magnificent planet.”