Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Deepa Avashia


The Riverside School, 307 Next to Army CSD Depot,
Airport Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Education and Character Education

“If we leave more and more people outside the orbit of education we make the world less secure and more helpless”.

Nations need citizens and thriving Nations need Citizens that are Active, Informed, and Responsible, citizens that are willing and able to take responsibility for themselves and their communities and contribute to social change and the political process.

However, in India, more than half the population is busy just surviving – they don’t have the ‘TIME’ to care. The faces and issues that need us to care don’t have a ‘voice’- and therefore no ‘choice.’ They need citizens who will and can be their voice!

Riverside understands that the gravest impediment to change is the DON’T KNOW - DON’T CARE Syndrome and therefore, makes concerted effort to aid all Stakeholders break out of that cycle of inaction by providing a frame-work that generates opportunities for initiating change.

Prototyping is a way of life at Riverside and one of our end goals is to make children visible and active members of their communities. We have learned that unstructured Social Work often ends up as mere ‘activity’ whereas a proper Program serves to inculcate VALUES and consciousness that will drive students “to be the change they want to see in the world.”

Riverside has created a model /design that has led the way to the empowerment of individuals/organizations to identify problems, create solutions, seek out collaborators and implement solutions, thus engaging whole communities. The in house citizenship program, AProCh – a dialogue between children and the city, Design for Giving – a nationwide movement and now Design for Change – an international effort are all driven towards a singular goal - getting the youth to believe that they can, are and must be drivers of change
inaction,I can, change makers


Academic qualification:

a) B.Com, Bhavan’s College, Mumbai.
b) Trained in Multiple Intelligences, Teaching for Understanding and Making Learning Visible.
c) Attended Workshop on Design Thinking in Education at Stanford

Professional Experience:

•    School Leader for Key Stage 2: developing curriculum and managing the implementation of curriculum.
•    Conducts workshops and training sessions for teachers and school leaders both in-house and outside