Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Darya Nosratpour

SAMA organization (Affiliate with Islamic Azad University) -
Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

The Process of Teaching Architecture in IRAN

Considered as a great multifaceted art, architecture has been of brilliant background in the art history of IRAN whose being multifaceted has had both direct and indirect impacts on all the aspects of the society. Notwithstanding all its significance, architecture and its teaching have lost their dominant effect and are on the decline. This does indicate that the architecture faculties do not meet their functions well apropos to teaching architecture. This study aims to carry out a historical review of teaching process of architecture in order to come to a unified definition of architecture and its teaching. Investigating the current situation of architecture system in Iran and the concerned problems, it is also attempted to identify the certain objectives through ! setting general policies for the architecture faculties.