Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Note from the Convenor

Dear Friend,

Greetings on behalf of Shruti Foundation and SHE (Saluting Her Endeavour) Worldwide.
We have been working tirelessly since 2006 towards transforming “Education Culture” through our World Congresses and our PURNA TALEEM initiatives in education and teacher training. We now bring to you a series of interactive and empowering events at Kolkata, West Bengal in collaboration with The Maini Group, Ambuja Neotia, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, The Telegraph (Print Media Partner), Life Positive and other supporters.

  1. A Special Pre-Congress LIVING VALUES Seminar and Retreat at Raichak on Ganges on 12th January 2014 at This Programme will deliberate on applications of “Living Values” in Cultural Contexts, Education, Mentoring and Evaluation systems for human development. We will also envision the development of the Institute for Living Values.
  2. The FOURTH WE ASC Education Culture Congress in Kolkata from January 13–15, 2014 with the Congress theme: PURNA TALEEM - LIVING VALUES IN EDUCATION CUTURE. As per our recommendation from WE ASC Congress 2013. We look forward to interactions and discussions in a creative format – music, theatre, poetics, paintings, innovative audio-visual media, PowerPoint, or other creative expressions. Written Papers may be published in our journal. Deadline for Abstracts is 25th December 2013. Full papers by 5th January 2014.
  3. The FIRST INTERNATIONAL SHE (SALUTING HER ENDEAVOUR) WORLDWIDE CONGRESS, 15th-16thJanuary 2014 will discuss “THE FEMININE IN AN EVOLUTIONARY WORLD” at ICCR Tagore International Centre, Kolkata with members of the South Asian Subcontinent & Diaspora as well as eminent international dignitaries with issue based interactions and celebrations of the feminine.
  4. NADA VIBRONICS – A Vibrational Healing Workshop on 17th January at Kolkata, which sensitizes participants on the power of sound on the human mind and body and experientially trains in powerful tools for self healing and empowerment.
  5. THE HOOK QUESTION FOR THE IVTH WE ASC CONGRESS IS: In seeking to become PURNA (Fulfilled and Whole) “how” may an individual or a collective apply Living Values in personal, cultural and global contexts and in the pursuit of Happiness, Perfection, Success, Fulfilment and Self-Actualisation?

Basic questions addressed at the Congress will be:

  • When the child enters this world, “what” are the psychological impacts on its consciousness and how may these be nurtured and transformed in familial, societal, cultural and global learning environments
  • How may we re-imagine Living Values in an Evolutionary World Society -
  • Where a person may truly comprehend one’s inner and outer tools for self-perfection?
  • Where harmony may prevail in the implementation of Ideas, ideologies, desires and relationships?
  • Where Individuals and groups may live in complementarity to make each other “PURNA”?
  • How may we re-imagine PURNA TALEEM -
  • Where Wisdom and human values precede the applications of skills and knowledge?
  • Where the Youth may be guided to NURTURE rather than to Consume and to COMPETE, ACHIEVE and WIN for Perfection in Attitude and Process, for collective fulfilment rather than for Individual benefit?
  • Where Peace and Harmony become the Leading Forces of individual and collective humanity, for trans-cultural, transnational and trans-ideological oneness?
  • Where the power of Love may prevail over the love for Power?

How may we revisit Gender based Living Values for PURNATA (wholeness) in society -
−    Where women may live with equality and without domination and fear?
−    Where there may be mutual respect and complementarity in educational, cultural and global environments
−    Where complementarity may replace the instinct for Domination.

We recall the words of Swami Vivekananada: “Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.”
On the occasion of Swami Vivekanada’s 150th birth anniversary, we invite you as an innovative and creative aspirant to participate in all our events and endeavours.

Please learn more at, Event Manager - Oindrilla Dutt (+91-9831031101). Registration/Abstract Submission Online - Shikha Kedia at For other queries: Dr Asha Pandey (+91-9582143673) Chhavi Garg (+91-9958911357); Jayant Rajpurohit: (+91-8860320077) or me at