Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Note From Convenor

Welcome to the IIIrd WE ASC Education Culture Congress.  
WE ASC 2013 advocates the need to revisit education culture in order to deal with the prevailing crisis of self- identity as well as individual and societal well-being. We explore the Idea of PURNA TALEEM – (integral learning and training) and adopt the “near to far” approach,  revisiting  relationships between local and global, familiar and abstract, micro and macro, individual and society with Self, Mentoring and Wellness as key factors.
The principle idea is to advocate sustainable formats with learning institutions, industry, funding institutions and policy makers and encourage support, co-advocacy and implementation in areas of mentoring and training,  pedagogical research, content and program development.
To this effect we will have a Courseware Development Workshop for “Mentoring” on 15th and 16th January 2013, before the commencement of the Congress 2013 on 17th January.
We also explore the role of the global communities and Diaspora in supporting this local and global effort.
I invite you to walk with us and work together to facilitate a better childhood, greater personal fulfillment and a happier  world.