Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Prof. Cláudia Vaz

Insituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

Educating through theatre – the case of the workshop “Mirror, my mirror”

This communication shows how theatre can improve children`s awareness about themselves and about others. The purpose is to look at a workshop named “Mirror, my mirror” (an allusion to Snow White) that is being carried out in the Cultural Center of Malaposta (Odivelas-Portugal) and which aims to bring children (aged between 6-10 years) to reflect on themselves and on the others.

Crossing theatre and anthropology, the idea is to make the children develop creative work about identity. The following questions are essential:

Who am I? Who are we? Who are the other? The border that separates me of the other is fixed? Will others see me the same way as I see them? The differences are more important than the similarities?

By means of games and other interactive activities children are expected to be stimulated to “look for the likeness" – the concepts of stigma and prejudice become apparent only in the presence of the difference.

I consider fundamental the development of moments in which children must reflect about themselves and about others because it is a way of educating them for a world of difference – our world.


Auxiliar Professor, Department of Anthropology, areas of interest: education, new tecnologies, identities, youth cultures, ethnic groups. Involved in European research projects concerning those areas.