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Claude Alvares

Dr Claude Alvares is a 1976 Ph.D from the Technische Hogeschool in the Netherlands.

For several years, he wrote for a wide basket of Indian newspapers and magazines including the Illustrated Weekly of India, India Today, Outlook, The Times of India, etc. He is now blogs at

As a scholar, Dr Alvares coordinates the Multiversity Project which seeks broadly to decolonize thinking and curricula in our universities. The project involves scholars and academics from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Over the past decade, Dr Alvares has coordinated six international conferences on redesigning non-Eurocentric curricula. These conferences have focussed on how scholars and academics can relink critically with their own intellectual and cultural traditions.

A strong critic of Eurocentrism over the past three decades, Alvares is best known for his book Decolonizing History which severely knocked down Western interpretations of societies like India and China. Other books include Science, Development & Violence, Fish Curry and Rice, The Organic Farming Sourcebook and A Farewell to the Eurocentric Imagination.

With Shad Saleem Faruqi, he edited Decolonising the University, which has now been
published by USM Press.

In the State of Goa, India, Dr Alvares has headed the Goa Foundation (an environmental action group) as Director for 25 years, moving the High Courts of India over several environmental issues in public interest. The Foundation's most recent petition in the Supreme Court led to the closure of Goa's entire mining industry.