Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Prof. Carole Fleuret

University of Ottawa
Faculty of Education, 45, rue Jean-Jacques-Lussier
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5

“The Creole is almost the same as the French, once formulated … it deforms” A case study on the representations of languages by Haitian children

This communication examines representations of languages from eleven young Creole pupils enrolled in Montreal schools (Quebec, Canada), studying French as a second language and the relationship between these representations and their learning of written French. The communication that will present is a part of the longitudinal study which had as main objective to describe their spelling development in relation to cognitivo-linguistic, socio-cultural and socio-affective factors, to have a better understanding of the challenges these learners might meet, while appropriating spelling in French as a second language (L2). Three modes in participants’ spelling development (slow, medium, and fast) were uncovered by analysing their productions. These modes bear witness to ! the state of the learners’ initial knowledge. About representation of languages the results show that the majority of the subjects do not explicitly demonstrate judgements on their source language and the language of schooling. They generally tend to recognize a form of equality of the languages from a linguistic and communication point of view. However, the equality and the legitimacy of the Creole remain difficult to develop in comparison with the French, in particular for the pupils who have a slower training of the French writing. The Creole language is an intrinsic part of the family’s environment and cultural identity, the parents’ stance about its status, impacts, the construction of a legitimate representation of the language.


Carole Fleuret est professeure adjointe à la Faculté d’éducation de l’université d’Ottawa depuis trois ans. Elle détient un doctorat et une maîtrise en sciences de l’éducation, option didactique du français et un baccalauréat en orthopédagogie de l’université de Montréal. Elle enseigne la didactique des langues (maternelle et seconde). Sa thèse porte sur les minorités visibles et plus particulièrement sur le développement orthographique d’élèves haïtiens scolarisés à Montréal en français langue seconde. Ses intérêts de recherche se centrent sur l’écriture et plus particulièrement sur le développement orthographique et sur les stratégies d’écriture, les contextes plurilingues et multiethniques. De plus, elle s’intéresse aux pratiques pédagogiques novatrices telles les orthographes approchées et la littérature de jeunesse pour approcher l’écrit.

Carole Fleuret has been an associate professor at the Department of Education of the University of Ottawa for three years. She holds a Ph.D and a M.A. in the siences of éducation, didactic option French, and a B.A in orthopedagogy from the University of Montreal. She teaches the didactic of native and second language teaching. Her thesis deals with minorities, particularly with the orthographic development of Haitian students enrolled in Montreal schools studing French as a second language. Her research interests focus on writing particulary on orthographic development and writing strategies, multilingual and multiethnic contexts. She is also interested in innovative pedagogical pratices such as approximate spelling and the approach of writing through children’s literature.