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Dr. Carlos S. Palleres

Vaishnava Book Trust, 423 Ananda Krishna Van, Sunrakh Rd. Madhuvan Colony, Vrindavan, UP, 281121 India.

Spirituality and Wisdom and Religious influences in Education

No one in their right senses can deny the importance of knowledge, but knowledge is not an end in itself. It is what you do with knowledge that matters. In schools, religious education is just emerging from a long period in which the transmission of knowledge was totally dominant. There were good reasons for this. When it became apparent in the late 1960s and early 1970s that a religious education that focused exclusively on Christianity could not be educationally justified within a secular school system, it was replaced by the phenomenological approach. Put in very crude terms the philosophy behind this ran as follows. Whatever your own faith or non-faith stance, it is undeniable that religion has been vastly influential in the way human beings have lived their liv! es. An education that does not attend to this phenomenon is incomplete. Because it is not part of a secular education system to indoctrinate or convert pupils, we must confine ourselves to teaching the ‘facts’.

The legacy of this phase of religious education is still very strong and is reflected in heavily content-laden agreed syllabuses of religious education, but there are signs nevertheless, that changes are on their way. To two types of learning: learning about religions and learning from religions. Thus, a pupil is no longer considered to be religiously educated who merely knows a lot of facts about different religions. Pupils are expected to ‘respond to questions of meaning within religions’. ‘Religious education should help pupils to … enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development … ’ In short, while religious education as set out in the Model Syllabuses is not intended to indoctrinate or convert pupils, it is intended to change them. In other words, it is to do with being as well as knowing.


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