Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Prof. Clementina Braga

Escola Básica de Soares dos Reis.

Adult Learning Gendered – Women as Learners in Portugal (1952 – 2010)

Assuming that gender has been a key factor to keeping women away from school, we aim to understand how gender relations have interfered in the process of educating women in Portugal throughout time.

In a clearly patriarchal society, gender is a factor that contributes not only to a late and troubled schooling of women, but also to limiting their aspirations. Having been destined to marriage and housework, women wouldn’t go to school or leave it at an early age. Afterwards, wanting to resume school they are opposed by their spouses, motherhood or job situation.

The program Novas Oportunidades represents a giving back to those who did not have the chance to attend school or had to drop out before graduating. In this context, adult learning may constitute to women, a safe grounds to grow as individuals, develop social skills and acquire knowledge to perform leading roles socially, economically and culturally.