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Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior teacher of the chair ISO,
KazNPU named after Abai

Use of innovative technologies in the educational process

The concept "innovation" means in translation from Latin «updating, novelty or change». With reference to pedagogical process the innovation means introduction of the new in the aim, the content, methods and forms of upbringing and education, the organization of joint activity of the teacher and the student.

Thus, innovative process means formation and development of the content and the organization of the new. An innovation in the education is considered novelty specially designed, developed or casually opened by way of pedagogical initiative.

In the process of training in high school the student should take possession of skills of using information and telecommunication technologies in the educational, research and practical activities, using the corresponding techniques and the software, technical support of these processes.

The problem consists of information technologies for high school can come out in three forms: as a mean of automatization and informatization of the high school, as a subject of studying and as a mean of the organization of educational process.

Introduction of information technologies in the educational process of high school is connected with the decision of some problems. First of all, it is limitation of resources of high school. The second problem for today is preparation of teacher’s staff and absence of methodical workings out on application of resources of global networks in the educational process.

Formation of methodical maintenance of using of information computer technologies generally passes in some stages in the educational process;
- Preparation of methodical materials on lecturing with the use of information technologies and use of it in the performance of course and final qualifying works;
- Preparation of demonstration multimedia systems;
- Use of information technology in the educational process;
- Improvement of professional skills of teaching staff on using of information technologies.
innovation,informatization,automatization,information technologies, global networks