Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Ayla Canay

Anadolu University Turkey

A new concept in fashion design edication: Creativity

As a universal concept, creativity “is not in the method and the tools itself. It is the brain and labor sophistication, sensitivity, freedom and uniqueness of the one who utilizes them. It is the creation of "unusual, sophisticated, authentic, and original unique values” from those traditional and dominant ones. (Atalayer, Faruk., Soil-ceramic: image, imagination, signification and creativity. Anadolu Sanat, Spring 2005, Issue: 16, Pages: 9-18.#

This concept is crucial for schools offering design education. The individual offering design education knows certain methods improving creativity and utilizes them. It is one of the main objectives to give the individual the skill to utilize these methods. It is not about overloading the student with just information. It is a better approach to assist them in finding solutions to problems #whether on fashion design or graphic design#, seeking answers to specific needs, and finding the truth by allowing them to seek.

There is something that should be kept in mind during design education: all individuals have creative skills in diverse fields. Each individual has his/her distinguishing features. Each individual’s creativity differs just as his/her interests. The path to creativity passes through necessity and sensitivity. When testing new methods, differences in interests and capacity should never be ignored, instead of just communicating these methods to the individual. #Çelek, Tülay.

In Fashion Design education, creativity improvement techniques are described first, followed by tests on the paper. They are asked to communicate their information using dissimilar materials. Most of the time, they are given a concept or a subject and are asked to think in a narrower frame. This paper presents, with examples, the studies made with students.


Born in Izmit, Turkey in 1973. & graduated from the Department of Ceramics, Faculty of Fine Arts of Anadolu University in 1997. In 2000, she finished her master’s thesis titled The Ancient Coroplastic Art and Modern Ceramic Compositions under Its Influence. She has been working as a Lecturer at the Department of Fashion Design, College of Industrial Arts, Anadolu University since 2005. She is currently offering Basic Arts Education, Presentation Techniques, and Surface Design courses. She has have taken part in numerous national and international congresses, presented papers and organized exhibitions.