Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Aslı Taylı

Aslı Tayli

Country: Turkey

Aslı Taylı graduaded from Ankara University, Facult of Educational Sciences, Guidance and Counseling Psychology Department.. She received her Masters degree in the same field in 2000 and PhD in 2006. She worked as a MNE-guide teacher between 1998-2002 and worked as a researcassistant at Abant Izzet Baysal University between 2002-2008. She is still working as a assistantProffesssor at Mugla University, Education Faculty.

Social Responsibility and Social Commitment Related with Life Values

Social responsibility is being used to state the responsibility of someone towards others. It includes internal duty feeling that includes being interested with other’s goodness and welfare and helping others, civil participation and responsible attitudes towards others. Social responsibility is also discussed as sharing, cooperation, helping others and social competences. The main aim of this work is to examine the life values related with the social responsibilities. For this reason, to the students from different departments Lutherman Social Responsibility Scale, Social Commitment Scale and Schwartz Values Scale have been applied and the results have been assessed with a SPSS package programme. The assessment results have shown that the values of benevolence, universalism, security and conformity have a positive and meaningful relation in a statistical way with social responsibility. The second aim of the research is to analyse life values related with social commitment. The values having a meaningful relation with social commitment have been determined as conformity, security, universalism and self-control. Also the relation between social responsibility and social commitment has also been researched. According to this there is a positive and meaningful correlation between social responsibility and social commitment. It has been thought that the results of the research will contribute first of all to the understanding of the social responsibility. The results will also be used to plan the social responsibility education. It must be understood that, when the life values like universalism, security, self-control are focused on with education programmes of values then the social commitment will also strengthen.