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Anupriya Chauhan

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology,
Sector 3, Dwarka,
New Delhi 110078, India

Foreign University Bill in India- Students' Perspective

The Foreign Educational Institutions (Regulation of Entry and Operations, Maintenance of Quality and Prevention of Commercialisation) Bill, approved by the Union cabinet on 15th of March, is aimed at regulating the entry, operation and standards of foreign education providers (FEPs), providing quality assurance, preventing commercialisation, protecting students from fly-by-night operators and promoting educational tourism. Facing severe shortage of higher education institutions, Indian Government has allowed private players to invest in education sector, particularly higher education. Approval of Foreign Universities Bill is one such step, which would not only place “Higher Education sector” on the podium of expanding globalisation but would also directly affect Indian student community on whole. With Ministry of Human Resource claiming that FEP’s would not be allowed to repatriate profits, would Foreign Universities still impart knowledge undertaking the study of basi! c disciplines, research and extension ? The present study takes into account the students’ perspective towards the bill and discusses its motive of improving access to, and enhancing the quality of higher education. The study is based on the feedback taken from the students of an engineering college based in Delhi, India. Students, being important stake holders in university education, want an active discussion on the way the Bill would help them in acheiving their career and educational goals. Indian student community want to know about the calculus the bill would apply to curb the movement of students abroad. Concerns were expressed regarding the foreign institutions fee structure taking into considerations varied economic background of students in India. Bill must recognize that the universities in the West are a meeting point of intellectuals belonging to different cultures and civilisations, different religious faiths and political ideologies and it takes span of dec! ades to deliver quality education to the students. The bill wo! uld have immense socio-cultural impact on the students taking into account the contextual nature of education provided in India.

•    Deployment of SUGAR OS  on a stick in India.
Areas of Interest
•    Travelling, swimming, keen interests in Current Affairs
Co- Curricular
•    Worked as a volunteer with the Doha Asian Games-2006
•    Served as President Student Council in School
•    Topped Pre-Civil Service Exam in the Gulf
•    Organized and co-ordinate events in the college fests