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Dr. Anice George

Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal University
Madhav Nagar
Manipal,Udupi, Karnataka


Adolescence is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. This complex passage from childhood to adulthood is particularly stressful for girls. The healthy adolescent population is considered as a social agent of change toward a population with a healthier life style. The period of adolescence for a girl is a period of physical and psychological preparation for safe motherhood. One of the major physiological changes that take place in adolescent girls is onset of menarche which is usually associated with a number problems among which dysmenorhoea is the most common.
A total of 1648 adolescent girls from six districts of Karnataka were surveyed to find out the incidence of dysmenorrhoea in Karnataka in the first phase of the study. Eighty three adolescent girls in three groups (experimental, control I and control II) constituted the sample for the second phase.

The objectives of the study were to : (1) estimate the incidence of dysmenorrhoea among adolescent girls (2) determine the relationship between stress and dysmenorrhoea (3) find out the effect of planned yoga therapy for 12 weeks on dysmenorrhoea and stress of adolescent girls .

An explorative survey technique was used for the first phase, and the second phase used evaluative approach with pre-test post-test control group design, where a 12 weeks yoga therapy was used as the intervention.

Major findings of the study were that the incidence of dysmenorrhoea was 87.87 percent among the adolescent girls.

A significant positive correlation ( r= 0.1275, ▁P < 0.01) between the severity of dysmenorrhoea expressed in dysmenorrhoea scores and stress was found in adolescent girls under study.

Yoga therapy was found to be a highly effective intervention in reducing the occurrence of dysmenorrhoea, the intensity of pain during dysmenorrhoea, and the dysmenorrhoea scores. The yoga therapy was also effective in reducing the stress scores among adolescent girls with dysmenorrhoea.


Dr. Anice George. Completed BSc nursing (1983) and MSc Nursing (1987)from College of Nursing , Christian Medical College Vellore, Mphil Nursing (1993)from RAK College of Nursing New Delhi and Phd (1998)from Manipal University in the year 1998. Joined Manipal College of Nursing in 1991 and is currently working as the Dean of Manipal College of Nursing Manipal and Director of Nursing Education, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, south India. Specialty is Child Health Nursing. Areas of interest in nursing education are: Child health Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing Research. Is involved in teaching undergraduate, post graduate and Mphil Nursing students. Visited and worked in few other countries on various job assignments in the professional field of Nursing. Presented papers in both national and international conferences. Has published  twelve papers in  professional journals.