Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Tanusree Shankar

The philosophy of the union of body’s interpretation of the expression of music is defined through the dance of Tanusree Shankar. A saga of the language of dance, which overwhelms itself beyond performances, called the ‘New Dance’.  ‘New Dance’ began with Uday Shankar and was taken to its new heights by Tanusree Shankar.  Tanusree Shankar, a disciple of Amala Shankar, developed her own unique style in choreography. Her choreography is a perfect fusion of the grace and beauty of traditional Indian dances and the soul of modern western ballet expressions coupled with contemporary presentation. Her dances are Indian in spirit, modern in presentation and universal in appeal.  Tanusree leads her troupe — Tanusree Shankar Dance Company (TSDC) that has started its journey in 2002.