Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Prasanna (born 1951),

is an Internationally acclaimed Indian theatre director and playwright from Karnataka. Sri. Prasanna one of the pioneers of Modern Kannada Theatre is a graduate from NSD. He gave a different direction to Kannada theatre during 70s by founding Samudaya with other like minded thinkers and activists. He attracted youngsters to theater through his idealogy. He has directed plays to National School of Drama, Repertory Company, NSD, Rangamandal-Bhopal, Ninasam, and in other parts of India. His Thai (Brechts Mother) is ever memorable. Some of the other plays he directed are : Thugulak, Gandhi, Galileo, Lal Ghas Per Neele Ghode, Fujiyama, Dangeya Munchina Dinagalu, Kadadida Neeru, Hamlet etc. He is a playwright, Novelist, and poet. Some of his dramas are: Uli, Dangeya munchina dinagalu, Ondu Lokada Kathe, Haddu meerida Haadi, Mahihmapura, Jangamada Badaku. He is known for his organisational skills and new ideas and innovations.       
In his tenure, Bhoomigitha was redesigned to suit to the new demands of theatre; Vanaranga took new shape; Sri Ranga Studio Theatre was built; Lankesh Art Gallery was opened for art exhibitions; National Theatre festival Bahuroopi is initiated; Weekend theatre was started. Grishma Rangotsava was started for encouraging amateur theatre troupes. Bharatiya Ranga Shikshna Kendra was visualised for propagating theatre education. Sriranga Mahiti Kendra was visualised as a documentary and research center of theatre activities.