Vedaaranya Heritage Arts and Healing Festival 2016

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Maria Neves Gonzalves

Portugal    Universidade Lusófona de Humanidade e Tecnologias,
Instituto de Ciências da Educação, Institute of Education,
Campo Grande, 376, 1749-024

The work of teachers Associations in the construction of civic religion and secular      

RELIGION  Given the dominant position of Catholicism in the Portuguese society, the Teacher's Associations have evolved from a fierce defense of the Catholic religion in the curricula to the assumption of the Republican project which presented as essential valences the freedom of worship, the freedom of conscience, the confinement of religion to the private sphere and the elimination of the Christian doctrine teaching in public schools Secularism was one of the milestones of the republican education, therefore, through their associations, many teachers proposed a secular school. Regarding an anticlerical and anti dynastic view, there was a precondition for achieving the internalization and socialization of new desacralized values, the guarantee of religious neutrality of the State and the implementation of a compulsory, free and secular education. In such a configuration, we have structured this text in two semantic axes. At first, we want to demonstrate the influence of the Enlightenment, of the French Revolution and of the school laws of the Third French Republic, on the assumption of a secular world view.