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Jahnavi Mehta

The Riverside School, 307, Next to Army CSD Depot,
Airport Road, Hansol, Ahmedabad.

New Paradigms and Models for Education

Benchmarking Education

Education is not only about "doing well" but also "doing good".

Constraints that override most good work in education currently, in our country, are fear of change and ignorance about "how to do it".

At Riverside, we overcame these constraints by designing the Common Sense model in which processes and practices are embedded into the system itself. So, it is not sporadic attempts to do good by individuals, but where all the stakeholders come together to effect change.

The model adopts a both/and approach including attitude as an essential component and discards the either/or approach which was prevalent earlier. This means we are not just focusing on transference of knowledge and skills but on consciously taking ownership of one's own learning.

High quality adult learning, learning embedded in real life and collaboration between all the stakeholders plus a curriculum that ensures student well-being, are the key verticals of our Common Sense model.
common sense, common practice


Academic qualification:

a) B.Com, H.A College, Ahmedabad
b) Trained in Montessori Education, Multiple Intelligences, Teaching for Understanding and Making Learning Visible.

Professional Experience:

•    School Leader for Key Stage 1
•    Attended workshops to develop her professional skills, including ‘Creative Partnership’ in London and ‘Teaching Without Telling’ in Bombay.
•     Conducts workshops and training sessions for teachers and school leaders both in-house and outside